18.December 2019 -Jovana's games

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18.December 2019  -Jovana's games Empty 18.December 2019 -Jovana's games

Post by Jovana on Wed Dec 18, 2019 11:34 pm

BOTSWANA: Premier League

Township Rollers - Tafic FC

pick: Township Rollers  and over 2,5 goals



For the first time in the indoor part we will have one match from this East African country where the host, as the biggest club of this country will host the team Taffic FC. The hosts are the main competitors this year to win the title. They play very well and effectively. They have won 27 points from 39 are currently the most efficient team in the league with 27 goals scored, and they received 13, which is a fantastic data of 1 goal per game, and defense is what they will have to grind if they want to win the title again. team so that they are big favorites against each team on their field for a convincing win. So far they have played 7 matches in their stadium and over 2.5 goals have come up 6 times. As for the guests, they belong to the so-called yo yo teams, because often fall into the lower rank and return., as well as this season. If it were not for the penalties of some other clubs and points deduction, they would probably be in the relegation zone. A convincing home triumph is expected. : 0.Here's a stop statement era:

"Our match in the last round was a derby, and losing in that way is devastating, but we didn't put our heads down, we lost to a good team, but we believe in the strength of our team. What defines our strength and the club is a group of players that immediately responds well after defeat and wants new victory and revenge for defeat "

GREECE: Super League

Xanthi FC - Panetolikos

pick: Xanthi FC




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