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27.November 2019  -Jovana's games Empty 27.November 2019 -Jovana's games

Post by Jovana on Wed Nov 27, 2019 11:14 pm

EUROPE: Champions League

Slavia Prague - Inter

pick: Inter



result:1:3 won

Info: Every year there is a team that impresses, this year if you ask us it is certainly a Czech representative, the team of Slavia Prague. After a sensation in Milan where Barrela's Inter goals literally took away 2 points in thick court compensation, this team in last round's unreal warlike character resisted the mighty Barsa at Camp Nou without even receiving a goal from Messi and family. To tell the truth, this peace of mind point can definitely be transcribed to their keeper by a phenomenal Czech national team player Ondrej Kolar who literally took down the impossible in this match, but with the slogan "luck follows the brave" that best describes the match in Spain, Slavia took home the point . Today we are of the opinion that this is it. We think that after the first round kick, Comte prepared his boys for what is waiting for them in the Czech Republic tonight and that they are going there tonight ready and determined to take the 3 most important points this year because this is a must win situation and an opportunity to wake up the dormant Italian giant who they must not germinate. Slavia was definitely tired, there was nothing to talk about. The pace they go through is not commonplace on their terms. They say they are great fighters, they say they have all our sympathies, but this is a match we think they will not be able to endure. The reason for this in our opinion lies a bit in the fact that they will miss 3 standard players, which for one such team must be a problem, and even mentioned Kolar mentioned above is questionable because during his representative duties he injured himself but defended the whole match against Bulgaria and then he spent ninety minutes among the tripods against Sigma Olomuc in the Championship, which could be a fatal mistake and a move, as it might cost him no defense in tonight's game. However, 3 players will almost certainly not be on the team of David Hovorka, Hromada J., Soucek Tomas. Thomas' absence from this team is definitely the biggest handicap, but Hovorka also has a huge role to play. All in all we somehow do not see a way for Slavia to make a sensation tonight. We like the sensations and we like the "small clubs", but it's not realistic that this will happen tonight, so we went for this guy who says that Inter carries 3 points to Milan.

ITALY: Coppa Italia Serie C - Play Offs

Juventus U23 - Pro Vercelli

pick: Juventus U23



result:2:0 won

Info: Many problems in the visiting team. The truth is Pro Werceli is a team that caught a terrible rush, but just 4 weeks ago, it clashed with today's opponent, where it was defeated in the Championship at home. Today, a lot of problems await the visiting team because the guest coach is deprived of the service of as many as 13 of his players. Out (injuries / other): Comi (14/5 f, top scorer), Rosso (15/3 m, 2nd top scorer), Paulo (16/1 f), Quagliata (12/0 d), Mal (14 / 0 f), Schiavon (14/0 m), Varas (11/1 m), Graziano (9/1 m), Grossi (6/0 d), Volpe (4/0 m), Benedetti (4/0 d) ), De Marino (0/0 d), Sangiorgi (0/0 m) Regardless of this absenteeism, Juventus U23 is a team we don't trust too much and aren't in a hurry, so let's go with a minimal role.

ZAMBIA: Super League

Zanaco - Nalambala

pick: home win and over 1.5 goals in match



result:??? Postp

Info: Here we are in Zambia today. The Nakambala Leopards team is hosting the popular "Bankers". The host is the team behind the National Bank of Zambia. Hence the name of the club, which stands for Zambia National Commercial Bank. This season is a very bad start to our favorite in this match. The team that took as many as 5 titles from 2002 to 2009 is now in the bottom of the table. The management took a break from representative commitments to further motivate the players to do their best and improve the standings. Edward Mutale, the club's president, promised good premiums for good results and another reason to win. The previous two rounds were played with very tough rivals and poor results were achieved. Defeat on the side and draw at home. Still, it's not that much of a handicap because the teams they've met are better rivals in this league. Now they have a team that is ideal for removing them from a small crisis and victory is imperative. Due to the low odds on a clean unit we play and the home team will have a minimum of 2 hits.


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